Ready to put your
business on autopilot?

Our bespoke web applications are data-driven powerhouses designed from the ground up to drive profit. We automate the unautomatable.

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Jake Harris

Do you still love your business?

You saw a problem in the market you passionately wanted to solve. But your business took off (awesome) but before long you were spending your time
making spreadsheets & answering emails, instead of chasing your passions.

If this sounds familiar, I think I can help.

My name is Jake. I've spent the last decade of my career rooting out ineffeciencies for small businesses just like yours by building handcrafted web platforms designed from the ground up to drive profit.

What we do

It all starts with the foundation. We craft our tech by hand from the ground up with the goal of being the building blocks of your business, so it's important to us we stick to our core values so we can deliver the most dependable custom software possible.

Handcrafted Software

Cut out the middle-man and get exactly the custom business software you deserve. Every line of code is built to suit your unique needs.

Cloud Architecture

State of the art architecture means you can access your data safely and securely wherever you are – from any device.

Business Autopilot

Don’t let a spreadsheet rule your life. Let

us put your business on autopilot so you can focus on solving the real problems.

Integrate More Deeply

You shouldn’t have to wait for your tech to catch up. Sync your data across all your platforms, in real time.

Protect Precious Data

Data is secured using the latest encryption & storage technologies. Breaches are the last thing you should worry about.

Rekindle Your Passion

We get the day to day out of the way so you can finally be free to fall in love with your business all over again.

Products & Services

Because every piece of software is 100% unique, it can be challenging to describe our products, but here are a few specialties. Chances are, if there's something you dread doing, Scuttlebyte can find a way to automate it.

  • 20x20x1
  • Custom business insight dashboards

  • 20x20x1
  • Customer invoicing systems

  • 20x20x1
  • Multi-system data integrations

  • 20x20x1
  • Legacy application migrations & modifications

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The Latest Tools

We believe your business deserves the absolute best the industry has to offer. By choosing most reliable, effective technologies, we're able to remain focused on delivering high-value, scalable custom business software solutions.


PHP + Laravel

Laravel is the most widely used professional development frameworks for PHP, the most popular language on the web.


Cloud + AWS

Amazon Cloud Services has conquered the infrastructure galaxy, boasting a robust product portfolio and infinite scalability.


JavaScript + Vue

Vue is the fastest growing JavaScript frameworks. Renowned for its ease of use, Vue is considered a serious contender.


Elixir + Phoenix

Phoenix brings a delightful blend of Ruby On Rails-inspired syntax and the blazingly fast Elixir ecosystem.


Cloud + Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean brings the private cloud within reach for even the smallest businesses, and easily scales as needed.


JavaScript + React

Facebook's React is the undisputed JavaScript framework king, and initiated an entire JavaScript renniasance.